How To Create Your Own Domain And Host It

How To Create Your Own Domain And Host It



Learn how to create your own domain and host it with a great hosting company



Creating or registering your own domain and hosting it can be quite a challenge for a newbie.


But it can also be fun and exciting to get your business or hobby off the ground at the same time.


In this guide we are going to go over how to create and host your domain with video tutorials as well as answer some commonly asked questions.


At the end of this tutorial you will know exactly how to create your own domain name and host it like a boss while saving some cash money at the same time.



Want To Learn How To Register And Host A Domain Name?



domain name registration



Then let’s jump right into it. . .


Choosing And Registering A Profitable Domain Name






Step 1. Choosing a profitable domain name



This first thing we are going to want to do is decide on a great domain name before we go register it.


Every website starts with a domain name. This is your business and or url. So choose wisely!


If you already have a business or a brand name then this will be your domain.


So go grab the dot com before some else scoops it up.


It happens faster then you think. If it’s taken try for the .net or .org.


Lastly, resort to the hyphen so Now you should be off to the domain races.


Single and double word domains are best. Try for one or two words when you can with the dot com.


These domain names are easy for branding and getting customers to remember you.


If your first choice is taken try heading over to and switching out a word for something that means the same thing.


It’s a simple but effective tip to finding a 2-3 word domain when the most popular ones are already taken.


Sometimes hard to find a profitable domain name though so be patient. They are still out there.


You don’t want to steal someone else name either.


No trademarked name so you can’t be


You may just be infringing on their trademark and that’sa no bueno folks!



know em website for checking domain names



There is a site called that will tell you if the site is also available across every major social network as well as if the name is trademarked or not.


This site tracks all the popular social blogging, bookmarking, business, community, design, entertainment, health, microblogging, music, news, photo, tech, travel and video platforms.


It will even create your accounts on these sites with your name for branding and search engine optimization purposes.


Think about how long it would take to create these profiles on your own gosh darn it! It is mind boggling.


They get a whooping $649 to create 300 of these social profiles for your business.


But that’s only about 2 bucks a piece when you break it down.


We used to know a guy who knows a guy who did a great job and it was actually a little cheaper.


Ideally you want to make a facebook, twitter, instagram and google plus profile for your business.


Google my business page is a MUST if you want to be seen in local search.


If you can muster the strength to get a linkedin profile created on top of those and start a youtube channel then DO IT!


These channels with grow and you will end up with large audiences to market to.


It’s a newer massive social traffic opportunity most people can’t even fathom.


These social channels will grow fast over time and be worth a great deal for your business name so start them now if you can.


Just start on them by liking and following others or by sharing funny stuff and interesting quotes.


They growth at astronomical rates.


It can’t hurt to bounce your new business domain name off a few friends before you commit to it.


The domain name may be associated with something strange you didn’t pick up on. is not a name you want to choose unless your name was Ben Dover. I’m guessing it’s not.


The other things to consider before committing to your domain name.


If you have a business obviously you have a (EMD) or an exact match domain because it’s you.


But what if I’m selling a product?


Would an exact match domain help me?


You bet your arse it would. Just go check the search rankings and see for yourself.


If your site sold cheap electric drills and your site was the search engines would favor that site and send it more traffic for people searching “cheap electric drills”.


This is debated by many but go have a peak for yourself why don’t ya.


(Tip – Check the search results and see for yourself before taking what someone else claims as fact in your industry)


Another thing to consider when choosing and registering your business domain name.


To register or not to register an expired domain?


Well if you have a business name then most likely you will start fresh and register and trademark that business name.


But what if you can choose or rebrand an old or expired domain and when would it make sense to do so?


Well lets say you where at a domain auction or you were using a service that finds expired domain with some authority behind them which where available to go register again?


In this case it would be very smart because if the backlink profile is not full of spam it could already be getting and ready for a ton of traffic much quicker for your seo efforts.


Say you found an old radio station like This website had equivalent to a 5 of what google used to call page rank.


This site had backlinks pointing at it from other sites using anchor text that was not spam ( no porn, pills, payday loans or china letters) at all and was still indexed and ranking for its brand in search.


We could rebrand this expired domain to say an outdoor website that did reviews on camping and hiking gear.


Now when we publish an article on this expired domain that we reregistered and rebranded it would rank much faster in search result for our keywords (as long as on-page seo is done right).


This is because it already has a great backlink profile and shares from social networks.


Its was an old trusted domain.  (assuming the research was accurate)


Now when you write an article or review about “top 3 boots for hiking” it will show up when people search looking for “the best hiking boots”.


Sprinkle in some amazon links to hiking boots you reviewed and you just made some money.


This is because you used your brain and thought out your plan before you just registered any old domain.


When this is done right you can actually choose a very profitable domain name for your business.


So piggy backing off the authority of an expired domain is the way to go when it makes sense to do so.


When starting from a fresh domain it may take a bit of work to get traffic in a more competitive niche.


It really depends on why you are registering this domain in the first place.


That should be more then you need to learn how pick the best domain name.


You have more information then most people have when they choose their first domain names.


Now you have less chance of making a mistake.


Step.2 Go Register Your New Domain Name



registering your new domain at namecheap hosting company



Whats next?


Well make sure your domain name is available and go register it.


Then we are going to show you what you need to do next to host your new domain name.



How To Host Your Domain Name After You Registered It






Step.3 Hosting Your Domain Name



We can host our domain name now that we have chosen and registered one.


Now where to host it?


Why not host our new domain name at the same place we just registered it and make this process as simple as we can, right?


Namecheap is a domain name registrar and a hosting company all under one roof.


It has great support if you get stuck.


It also makes this process affordable on any budget.


The first thing we have to do is choose a hosting plan. Most likely all we need is a shared hosting plan.


I would go with namecheaps stellar plus plan so you can add unlimited websites to your hosting package.


Just complete the order and your ready to rock and roll with your new website.


The domain name and hosting information you want to save. . .



  1.  Email with your hosting information including c-panel and user name and password.
  2. Your wordpress installation details which contain username and password.
  3. The user name and password for the email you set up in c-panel.



Now that you have both a domain name and hosting package you must set the nameservers to reflect that.


In namecheap dashboard your going to want to find the domain you are looking for and click manage.


how to select namecheap nameservers to host your new website



Now make sure you change the nameservers to namecheap web hosting and click on the green checkmark to save those settings.


This is called propagation period it usually happens in about 15-30 minutes but don’t be alarmed if it takes much longer.


Now you want to navigate to your hosting plan and find manage then sign in using c-panel.


Just enter the details from the email you got if it does not sign you right in.


We always rely on lastpass password manager to sign us in and out of these sites quickly.


You want to find email and create an email in cpanel for your new domain.


It will most likely be your or something generic like services or support.


Make sure you create this email under the right domain if you have more then one and save the username and password where you can find it later.


Now you want to find softaculous software installer and click on wordpress if your building a website or blog.


There are other options in there for e-commerce stuff if you like.


This will install wordpress on your newly registered domain in a couple of minutes with just a few clicks.


Follow the directions or refer to the tutorial above if you get stuck. It’s pretty self explanatory.


Just pick a theme and tell it to install basically.


Make sure you send the installation details to the right email address so you can sign into your wordpress dashboard after it finishes installing.


Now all you need to know is the wordpress url, your username and your password so you can sign in and start customizing your new hobby or business website.


The url you need to sign in to edit your site will always be


You email will also be the url you saved upon setting it up along with that username and password.


Now you should have enough information to register a profitable domain name and get it hosted in no time.


Don’t worry if it takes awhile to really get it because you will be launching more then one website and you will only get better at it learning more each time.


Now you have a registered business name that is up and running 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


All you have to do now is customize the theme to your preferences and viola your in business.


Congrats on taking this step even if it’s not your first time. Building business for the search engines only gets more exciting from this point forward.


If you have anymore questions check out the registering a domain and hosting it frequently asked questions or leave a comment below.


Step 4. Go Customize Your Website To Match Your Business


Congratulations you have setup your domain and hosted it!


You can now customize you website and start sending traffic to it.


Traffic is beyond the scope of this post but stay tuned as we will have some killer tutorials on traffic on this blog.


Still have questions?


Read the frequently asked questions below.


Frequently Asked Domain And Hosting Questions (FAQ)



frequently asked questions on domain registration and hosting

What does website hosting mean?



Website hosting is simply a business that holds, serves and maintains files for websites.


Think of website hosting like this, you are renting out a space on a server that is running 24 hours a day seven days a week so anyone who visits your domain name can view your website at any time.


If you tried hosting your website on your own computer when you shut off your computer or your internet had an issue it would cause issues for people trying to view the website.


It is best to rent this server space from a website hosting company.



Do I need hosting for my website?



Yes, you need to host or store your website files somewhere in order for people to view your website content.


If you don’t host your website content then no one will be able to visit or view your website.


How do I register a website name?



To register a domain or website name you simply choose a domain name that is not in use or trademarked and purchase from a domain registrar.


You can also register expired domain or website names which can come with traffic the previous owner built up over time.


Search engines favor domains with a clean backlink profiles and previous mentions from popular social networks.


Some tips to registering great domain names would be to try to register a name with one or two words on a .com if it is not your company name.


This makes it easy to brand and for people to remember. Another tip would be to use an (emd) or exact match domain if your were trying to sell a product.


So is you were going to sell cheap oakley sunglasses on your website you may want to register


This would give you a head start to show up first for that term in the search engines.


People debate this but just have a look in the search results and decide on your own I say.



How much does it cost to register a domain name?



A brand new website will generally cost you about 10 to 15 bucks for the year.


This is cost of a TLD or top level domain name which is the .com or .net or .org.


It is best to register a dot com whenever you can.


Expired domains can cost $15 to upwards of $15,000 depending on its brand or current traffic and (seo) search engine optimization score.


You can register extensions like .website sometimes for a buck for the first year but these sites don’t really perform to great in search against the .com version. So choose wisely.



How do I buy domain name and host?



With money of course!


You can buy a domain name from a domain name registrar and a hosting package from a hosting company.


Once you have a domain name registered you can point the nameservers to your hosting package.


After it propagates its live so you can download a (CMS) content management system and you are ready to start designing your



Most of the internet runs on the wordpress content management system.


You can to register and host websites with Namecheap so it’s done all in one place. It’s very affordable  there as well.



How do I host my own website and domain?



If your wondering how to host your own website and domain from your personal computer it is not recommended unless you have a server and a ton experience with them.


You can completely bypass the learning curve and high costs of this by simply registering your website with a domain name registrar and hosting it with a hosting company.


You can register a domain for about $15 for the first year and host your website with a professional web hosting company for about $5 a month. This is the better and more affordable option.


Trying to do this on your own can become one huge headache.


How can I host my own website for free with my own domain?



You can host a website for free with your own domain if you use a website made for creating a free blog like or


There are hundreds of these free blogging platforms but they are not great for most seo applications as they have been abused by blackhat search marketers and search engines prefer the dot com over these sites in most situations.


You can simply sign up for free and you domain will become a subdomain on that url.


So if you created a website for free on it would be when you start.


This is completely free to have your own domain and host it here.


You always have the option to upgrade this free website for a few dollars a month and then the url would become instead or


This is a great option for most beginners.



Can I host my own website or domain name?



Technically yes you can host your own website or domain name from home but the juice just is not worth the squeeze in this case.


You want to know your website up time is as close to 100 percent as possible.


With that being said it is much easier and affordable to host your website and domain name with a company that specializes in hosting these websites.


These hosting companies also have free support 24 hours a day 7 days a week so there is usually an instant solution if any problem comes up.

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