Search Engine Rankings – Schema Markup – The Next Big Seo Factor?

Since the launch of schema in 2011 Google’s stance was that schema markup was not an official ranking factor.


But adding schema markup can help you stand out in the serp’s enhancing your click through rate and that ultimately is a ranking factor.


If your familiar with rich snippets then you may already have an idea what schema markup and google structured data is.


It shows up right under the meta description in the search engine results page and makes the data easier to understand. in search results



But if your completely unfamiliar implementing schema markup to your web pages you may want to have a peak at for basic knowledge.


It’s the original schema resource.


Adding google structured data to your web pages can help google understand your content better and increase your chances people will click through to your website .


It’s a win for the search engine and the end user so you would assume google would use as a ranking factor when trying to deliver the most useful results to it’s users.


After all that’s google job as a search engine right?


It’s not just Google, Bing and Yahoo and have also implemented schema markup as an option for their webmasters.


So you may be wondering how schema can be used for ranking purposes.


schema markup and seo


Well here’s a few benefit’s of marking up data on your web pages and reasons to consider it.


  1. Your content can be crawled a lot faster.
  2. The search spiders can more easily read, recognize and understand your content.
  3. Improves experience for both the user looking for content and the search spider indexing it.
  4. Social platforms have also begun to use structured data such as Pinterst using what they call rich pins. This can help products stand out in search.
  5. Their is markup for many niches such as products, local businesses, events, movies, restuarants so you can find something to markup and see if it improves rankings easily.
  6. Google webmasters provides a structured data markup helper where you can view the markup in search results right from the webmasters dashboard.
  7. Your search ranking will improve if your getting more clicks through to your page. So schema and search rankings are directly related.


But is it used as a rankings signal?


Well John Mueller has only statement about how Google might use structured data to understand entities better. Not sure what was exactly meant by that. Is it perhaps a hint, Idk?


Although Mueller did say “We don’t use it as a quality factor, so it’s not like we would say that this site has Schema markup, therefore it’s a better site.”


But as we all know sometimes whats released to the media has a way of steering people towards what google wants for it search engine and not what may be better to help you rank for your target keywords.


Keep that in mind while you watch this vidoe from google webmasters team.


Does The Use Of Schema Markup Have A Ranking Benefit




If you want to use schema its up to you. But as far as schema and rankings you will have to test it out for yourself.


As you find out to be the case with most search engine factors they key is testing and case studies.


For me I will begin to implement markup to certain web pages where I think it is helpful to the search engine crawlers and of course where it can improve my click through rates.


In my opinion schema is worth adding when it makes sense to do so although it is not on my top priority of things to do when I am looking for improvements to help rank my content.

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