Dot Com Secrets Review – The #1 Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online

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Dot com secrets is a book any serious internet marketer should have in their collection!

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What Is Dot Com Secrets?

Dot Com Secrets is literally one of the most straight forward marketing books I have ever read and I’ve completed 33 marketing books since Thanksgiving.

Dot Com Secrets is a fun-to-read marketing book that I own a few copies of which led me to do this dot com secrets review.

My many copies of the dot com secrets book

It’s marketed as not just another “how-to” marketing book but a shortcut.

It lives up to the hype.

It’s the actual playbook Russel Brunson created after running thousands of tests and perfecting what works online.

In Dot Dom Secrets Russel Brunson gives you all of the processes, funnels, and scripts he uses to scale companies online.

Not just little startup website companies, he has helped some of the biggest brands online scale their online business to the moon and has been featured on The Profit.

If you’re looking to grow your company online, create a better customer journey and add more value to your client’s lives so you can make close more sales then this book is worth the read.

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Who Is Russel Brunson

Russel Brunson is the founder of Clickfunnels and other marketing products that help entrepreneurs sell their services to the marketplace.

He started his first company in college and has sold millions of dollars worth of products online.

For more than ten years he’s been helping companies increase their traffic, conversions, and sales online.

And from what I have seen he has a very strong desire to help his customers reach their financial dreams which is hard to find these days.

He has popularized sales funnels as we know them today and made it extremely easy for anyone to build them.

What Is A Sales Funnel

Wikipedia defines a sales funnel like this – The purchase funnel, or purchasing funnel, is a consumer-focused marketing model which illustrates the theoretical customer journey towards the purchase of a product or service.

A sales funnel the customer journey you set up through marketing, sales and closing.

When you optimize your sales funnel you will close more sales and better serve your customers.

A sales funnel usually consists of marketing, landing pages, upsells, down-sells and follow up emails.

What’s Inside Dot Com Secrets

picture of dot com secrets for the dot com secrets review. Here you will get a neak peek of the contents of the book

Section One: Ladders And funnels

Secret #1 – The Secret Formula

Secret #2 – The Value Ladder

Secret #3 – From a Ladder To A funnel

Secret #4 – How To Find Your Dream Customers

Secret #5 – The Three Types Off Traffic

Section Two: Your Communication/Follow-Up Funnel

Secret #6 – The Attractive Character

Secret #7 – The Soap Opera Sequence

Secret #8 – Daily Seinfield Sequence

Section Three: Funnelology Leading Your Customers To The Sale (over and over again)

Secret # 9 – Funnel Hacking

Secret #10 – Seven Phases Of A Funnel

Secret # 11 – The Twenty-Three Building Blocks of A Funnel

Secret # 12 – Front End Vs Backend Funnels

Secret #13 – The Best Bait

Section Four: Funnels And Scripts

Front End Funnels

Funnel #1 – The two-step free plus shipping

Funnel #2 – The self-liquidating offer

Funnel #3 – Continuity

Funnels For The Middle Of The Value Ladder

Funnel #4 – The perfect Webinar

Funnel #5- Invisible funnel webinar

Funnel #6 – Product launch

Backend Funnels

Funnel #7 – High-ticket three-step application

Section Five: Clickfunnels

Here you will find out how to automate the process very easily with a sales funnel building software.

How To Make Money With Dot Com Secrets

how to make money with dotcom secrets using clickfunnels dream car affiliate contest

If you’re looking to make money with dot com secrets you have more than one option.

That’s right you can make money giving away a free dot com secrets book.

Dot Com Secrets is what’s known as a lead magnet, front end funnel offer, tripwire or self-liquidating offer depending on who you speak to and how it’s structured.

They are basically much cheaper ways businesses can market to, educate and find their “dream customers”.

If you’re into internet marketing you’re probably going to be interested in Dot Com Secrets.

When you read Dot Com Secrets and see all the value you got from it your going to think “that was great what else does Russell have”.

Now he can introduce you to his other products and services much easier since you already know, like and trust him.

It’s a genius marketing plan!

If you sign up for the dot com secrets affiliate program you will make a portion of the back end sales for anyone you refer to the program.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the dot com secrets affiliate program you can check it out right here.

Dot Com Secrets Pricing & Free Plus Shipping Offer

get dot com secrets free plus shipping offer.You pay shipping and you get the dotcom secrets book for free

Dot Com Secret pricing may not be so straight forward since you can buy it in more that one place.

You can pay full price for the book at a place like Amazon.

Or you can get the Dot Com Secrets free plus shipping offer here.

If you get the book from the link above you will also have access to the back end offers like the funnel hacker black box which you may otherwise have missed out on.

I have personally purchased the offers and can vouch for the credibility and the information you will learn.

Who Recommends Dot Com Secrets

Don’t take my word for it, Dot Com Secrets is recommended by Tony Robbins and internet marketer Bill Glazer.

“A simple process that any company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversions & sales online”

-Tony Robbins

“Russell is not a pretend expert, but someone teaching entreprenuers how to employ online marketing in their business to achieve exceptional results”

-Bill Glazer

Other Russel Brunson Products

Some other Russell Brunson products that will help your digital marketing career I can personally recommend are. . .

Expert Secrets – another great book which is part two of Dot Com Secrets. You can check out my Expert Secrets Review for more information.

ClickFunnels – software that lets anyone build funnels

Funnel Scripts – highest converting copy in software that works for you

One Funnel Away Challenge – a challenge that inspires you to get the work done in 30 days and start a real online business. You can learn more by reading my One Funnel Away Challenge review.

Final Thought For My Dot Com Secrets Review

For a few years, I saw Dot Com Secrets and didn’t buy because I thought it would be one of those hyped-up books you order that when you read your left underwhelmed.

That was not the case with this book.

I have read it 4 times and plan to read it again at least a few more.

It’s fun to read as well as educational which is hard to find in a marketing book today.

I plan to order some more copies for friends and maybe I’ll do an inside look at a free plus shipping offer for my youtube channel soon.

If someone taught me what I learned in Dot Com Secrets when I was first starting my internet marketing career I would have been much further along.

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Dot Com Secrets Review - The #1 Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online

Want to learn the secrets of growing your company online? Check out my review of a book that helped me learn the process very very quickly.

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