Free List Building Course For Email Marketing


free email list building course for email marketers who want to grow a free email list


If you want to learn how to build a list with free traffic tactics then you may be interested in this free list building tutorial.


We’ll go over building an email list using free traffic sources as well as getting into some paid ones at the end.


Building a list for email marketing is one of the most profitable things you can do today for your business.


You have about eleven seconds to get someones attention when they land on your page and if you don’t collect their email they are likely gone forever.


On the other hand if you add an email opt-in form and a CLEAR call to action you can keep them.


Now they are added to your customer base and you can market to them whenever something cool happens in your niche.


If you asks most businesses they will tell you that their current list or customer base is where they make the most money.


With that being said growing a targeted email list you can market to will be worth every ounce of your effort.


So let’s roll up our sleeves and start building a list already. . .


All jokes aside as we go thought this tutorial remember you have to stick with the names you choose so take them seriously.


How bout we start from the beginning and pretend as if we don’t even have a company name.


We will start with a few hacks to save time and increase workflow and then get right into choosing a name for our domain for our business.


How To Save A Ton Of Time With Last Pass



Increasing Your Workflow With Mind Maps



How To Choose And Register A Profitable Domain Name



Choosing The Best Hosting Company And Setting Up Email


How To Pick A Profitable Niche Market



How To Pick The Best Affiliate Offers



How You Get Paid From Affiliate Marketing



How To Cloak And Track Ugly Affiliate Links For Free



Setting Up A Lead Magnet On A Landing Page



Email Marketing To Subscribers With An Autoresponder



How To Get Free Traffic From Forums And Q & A Sites



How To Drive Free Traffic From Youtube



Stayed tuned for some paid and other traffic tactics.


Until then keep building your list!