One Funnel Away Challenge Review – The Truth About the OFA Challenge

One funnel Away Challenge Review
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One Funnel Away Challenge provides massive value packed into a 5-week coaching course

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge

The one funnel away challenge photo with everything in the challenge

Here is my One Funnel Away Challenge Review of the 30-day coaching program to create and launch a scalable internet-based business using sales funnels and digital advertising.

If you don’t have a product of your own yet you are provided with products you can promote to get you started.

There is also a method to create products and offers that’s taught in Russel Brunson’s inner circle mastermind group.

His inner circle group is a lot more than most people can afford who are starting out.

But he gives this away to people going through the OFA challenge, which I thought was pretty cool.

Can You Trust Russell Brunson

If you have seen any promotional material you may have seen all the hype around this product.

You might be wondering if you can trust Russell Brunson or his products.

I can tell you from my experience that anything I bought from Russell was full of great information, usually came with extensive training and a community of helpful people going after the same results.

These communities of other entrepreneurs are one of the best parts of his programs.

I have found friends on the inside I still communicate with today as well as people I knew from my home town which was awesome and unexpected.

But I would never have found this if I didn’t take that first leap of faith and join.

What does my word matter you probably thinking?

People like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer have risked their names to promote the authenticity of what Russell is about.

The final decision is up to you but I hope I have provided you with enough information to make an educated decision for yourself

Who Teaches The OFA Challenge

Photos of the main teachers of the one funnel away challenge. Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and Steve Larsen

There are three main people who teach the main one funnel away challenge.

Every morning you will receive a video from Russell Brunson about the mission lesson for the day.

He walks you through the one funnel away challenge workbook step by step.

In the afternoon, Steve Larsen has a strategy session which is usually eye-opening and very entertaining. (BOOM)

You also get helpful tutorials from Julie Stoian who makes anything that may have been difficult seem pretty easy.

But what most people don’t mention is not only do you have the 30 days book, you get video interviews an explanations in the member’s area of how the most successful people are currently running their business.

The 30 day interviews for the one funnel away challenge

The 30 days book is currently only available with the challenge.

I found this to be super encouraging throughout the whole process.

The other thing people forget to mention is what you learn from all the other people going through the challenge.

You get instant access to a community of everyone else going through the challenge via the Funnel Hacker app.

You may end up meeting business partners and other people who share priceless information that will help you out in the process.

I forget the name of the person but there was also someone sending videos about what to expect and updates throughout the challenge when I went through last time.

You definitely don’t feel alone or left behind going through this challenge.

You end up with a ton of teachers and mentors, not just the 3 that are advertised.

How Much Does The One Funnel Away Challenge Cost

one funnel away challenge pricing. The digital and physical version. While the physical version of the one funnel away costs 100 plus shipping the digital only version is 100.

The one funnel away challenge costs one-hundred dollars.

That’s makes the one funnel away challenge cost 100.00 plus shipping which is about 20.00 or 29.00 international.

You can get the digital version only for 100.00 but you will want all the physical stuff they send in the one funnel away challenge box if this is your first time.

The digital version is for people who are going through the program a second or third time and already have the box.

Yes, most people go through the one funnel away challenge more the once to up their marketing game even more.

The people you meet in the funnel hacker app is worth the price alone.

Russell has made the challenge a no-brainer offer.

You may need a few more things that will help you successfully complete the challenge so I have added a section on that below.

What Do You Physically Receive When You Join

When you join the one funnel away challenge you receive an OFA challenge box in the mail.

I can remember looking out for the mailman daily waiting for my box and then it came.

the complete contents of the one funnel away box

Inside the box you get . . .

The 30days Book – currently sold only through the challenge

the 30days book for the one funnel away challenge

The One Funnel Away MP3 Player – with daily lessons recorded for you on the go

The one funnel away mp3 player for lessons on the go

The one funnel away workbook – Daily action plan to complete the challenge

The One funnel away challenge workbook

Access To The Members Area

The one funnel away members area

-Access To The Funnel Hacker Community – Here you can meet everyone else going through the challenge and learn from them. I literally met people I knew from my hometown.

The funnel hacker community access

Challenge completed tee-shirt – if completed and you tell them what you honestly thought)

One funnel away challenge completed tee shirt

What Will I Need To Complete This Challenge

What will you need to complete the one funnel away challenge?

There are a few tools you may need as you would with any home study course.

Here is what you can expect to need to complete the one funnel away challenge successfully.

  • To free up your schedule a few hours a day.
  • Stay clear of negative people. I found encouragement in the course.
  • Clickfunnels account – get a shirt, domain and free trial here. If your good with coding you can build one with WordPress and a bunch of other plugins or services. Clickfunnels is just the easy way to get it done.
  • If you want to scale your funnel you will need a small budget for paid ads. Google and Youtube will currently give you about 150.00 in free credit to start.
  • If you want to make your funnels “Pop” and your not a designer you will need some money for assets. You can get pictures and eCovers pretty cheap using methods from the training as well as The Funnel Rolodex and Fivver.

-Money for assets to design your funnel/product creation

-A channel to post too

What Do I Get If I Complete The OFA Challenge

If you complete the one funnel away challenge you’ll get a “challenge completed” shirt in the mail.

the challenge completed teeshirt

If you set up your funnel and made at least a grand you get a comma club award.

The comma club award for people who made 1000 dollars or more in the challenge

You also get the satisfaction of making a commitment and completing it which is a HUGE accomplishment.

A Detailed Review Of The One Funnel Away Course

The thirty-day training course is divided into 4 weeks plus a pretraining week.

One funnel away process map

It’s 27 complete missions or training with a few review days.

There is an extra week about belief and mindset which is an important part of any coaching program.

(some videos are a big sales pitch but that’s expected)

Pretraining Week

Mission #1 – You must believe

Mission #2 – Failure and what it teaches us

Mission #3 – The who not the how

Mission #4 – 10x secrets

Mission #5 Lady Boss did it and so can you

Mission Review

Week 1

Mission #1 – Offer hacking

Mission #2 The greatest showman

Mission #3 – Offer sequencing

Mission #4 – eCovers and offer assets

Mission #5 – CREATE

Mission Review

Week 2

Mission #1 – Publishing

Mission #2 -Epiphany bridge

Mission #3 – Your origin story

Mission #4 – Hooks, Hooks, & More Hooks

Mission Review

Week 3

Mission #1 -Core funnel strategy

Mission #2 -Your share funnel

Mission #3 – The squeeze page

Mission #4 -The sales page and order form

Mission #5 – The OTO page

Mission #6 – The member’s area

Mission #7 – Testing & review

Week 4

Mission #1 – The three types of traffic

Mission #2 – The dream 100

Mission #3 – Earn your way in

Mission #4 -Buy your way in

Mission #5 – Funnel audibles

Mission #6 -Review

Mission #7 – Mission debrief

You can see the One Funnel Away Challenge is a very well thought out and complete course. It’s a road map you can commit to and actually get the work done. I have struggled with trying to do too many things at the same time so this was a huge help.

A Peek Inside The One Funnel Away Members Area

Here is the main sign-in area

Th inside of the one funnel away members area

Then you have daily missions, strategy, coaching & downloads

what the daily missions look like in the members area

I got Funnel Audibles too.

It’s a helpful presentation from Funnel Hacking Live and a downloadable workbook to help you figure out where you need to optimize to scale your funnels

funnel audibles in the members area of the one funnel away challenge

How To Make Money With The OFA Challenge

There are a few ways to make money with the one funnel away challenge.

-You can sell your own products, services and courses with the training.

-You can become an affiliate and sell Russells products here.

how to make money with the one funnel away affiliate program

-You can become an affiliate for products in a niche your passionate about and use what you learn in the course to sell other peoples products.

-You can sell funnel building as a service and be paid monthly (huge market)

-You can sell websites as a service to local businesses and host them on clickfunnels.

-If you’re into e-commerce you can create optimized sales funnels for that as well.

Who Is This Challenge For

This challenge is for internet marketers who want to learn how to create and optimize sales funnels to build or scale their business.

It is for people who want to grow and learn the process with other like-minded individuals.

It is for people who want a step by step daily action plan and a way to be held accountable so you get the work done.

Who This Challenge Is Not For

There are also people the one funnel away challenge is not for.

This challenge is not for. . .

People who think that if they buy a training course they are entitled to success

People who sold themselves on a getting rich quick version.

People who are spending their last 100 bucks to be part of this.

People who are not up for a challenge

People who don’t like to learn or apply themselves and people who are not willing to be teachable.

Dot Com Secrets – One of my favorite books about growing your company online with sales funnels. You can check out my Dot Com Secrets review for more information.

Expert Secrets – Another great book about how to make money in the massive expert business niche. I published an Expert Secrets review over here.

Clickfunnels – A must-have tool for any business looking to grow their company with sales funnels. This tool allows you to take control and do it yourself.

Funnelscripts – Jim Edwards took the highest converting copy and headlines put them in a software that writes your sales copy for you.

Why Have Some People Discredited The OFA Challenge

I have seen some people discredit the one funnel away challenge.

I’m not calling out anyone specific but when you see these posts they are usually from someone who has not taken the challenge.

What they are doing is using clickbait so when you see “one funnel away scam” or “one funnel away lie” they will receive traffic to their website.

What they will do is pretend they are trying to be helpful.

Then use that trust to sell you their course or send you to an “alternative” of a product they are affiliated with.

It’s just a ploy to get traffic from a competitor, someone looking to get traffic or someone who may have taken the challenge but didn’t apply themselves.

I didn’t see anyone actually in the program say they didn’t get at least there money worth out of it.

Will the one funnel away challenge guarantee your success, no!

Nothing in life is a guarantee but sometimes if you want to be heard in the marketplace you have to make bold statements.

Is it a lie or a scam, absolutely not!

It’s the most value I got out of any training course since a course that taught me how to sell on EBAY in 2002.

With that being said I signed up for the program because I personally have bought and used these products so it made sense to share it with others.

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses

I will not be trying to trick you with any cleverly crafted 12,000 dollar one funnel away bonuses or PLR ebooks.

What I can offer anyone who signs up through my link are swipe files and graphics I have saved over the years.

I’ve got a ton of graphics I have saved one by one optimized and labeled for SEO so if you’re thinking about going through the challenge or becoming an affiliate marketer I can save you whatever your times worth an hour times 100.

Just contact me and let me know you joined.

To get any bonuses you have to verify you purchased correctly through the right link.

Final Thoughts For My One Funnel Away Challenge Review

My final thoughts for the one funnel away challenge review are all positive. I have been through the challenge. I would refer other people to the challenge. I think the program and the environment inside is awesome. I will personally be going through the challenge again. I can’t wait to get to a live event!

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One Funnel Away Challenge Review - The Truth About the OFA Challenge

Wondering how the one funnel away challenge can help you scale your business? Check out my complete OFA review here!

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