Profitable Local SEO Niches You Can Use Right Now

Profitable Local SEO Niches You Can Use Right Now

best local seo niches to build a website around and start generating leads so you can make some money online very quickly

Finding a sub niche within one of these local seo niches will help you find a topic you can build a landing page or money site around to generate easy  leads.

These local seo niches are well thought out and not just copied and pasted list like you may find elsewhere.

Once you choose one of the local niches below you can create a landing page or money site which you can monetize and start making some money fairly quickly.

Working with these local seo niches

First you are going to have to decide on a niche.

Let’s say we choose “tattoo removal service leads”

Let’s pop in tattoo removal below and see what we can find as far as a niche within this niche.

local seo niche of tatto removal

Here we can see there are ads for “laser tattoo removal” “tattoo removal treatments” “tattoo removal methods” and “home tattoo removal”

We can also see some of the related searches and the search volume.

local seo niche of tatto removal search volume and local seo seaches that are related

Then you can pick a state, city or local area and append it to your search term.

If we choose CT our term would be  “laser tattoo removal CT”

Now we want to pop that bad boy back into the keyword tool.

local seo

Now we have our keyword “tattoo laser removal ct” and a few cities within that state that get searches.

“tattoo removal New Haven CT”

“tattoo removal Stamford CT”

“tattoo removal Danbury CT”

You could create a page about “laser tattoo removal in CT” with three relevant category pages for cities within that state to make your page structure highly relevant.

You could even create a few post about tattoo removal in the specific cities for every category page but make sure and remember to  interlink them together with proper link structure.

This way the search engines know exactly what your site is about and will reward you by ranking it higher.

Make sure to share your knew content on all major social channels so you get links and traffic back to your site.

If you need help to get a website or hosting setup please check out this post: How to create your own domain and host it.

If you need a little more ranking power I am sure you can find a trustworthy forum about tattoos you can link back from adding appropriate anchor text.

Your going to want to monitor your rankings and see how well your site is doing for its target keywords.

You can use the Semrush account to monitor your rankings but if you cannot afford a paid account yet you can start to monitor your rankings for free HERE.

Now that you can monitor your rankings for the profitable local seo niche you have chosen you can build another while you are waiting for the rankings to increase.

If your impatient you can throw a few Facebook ads it’s way .

If the rankings are not quite there after a few weeks you may have to share it some more socially or get a few more go links.

When you start getting traffic you are going to need to monetize the website but that is a whole other topic.

Just keeping picking niches and building sites and you should start generating some traffic to monetize in no time.

List Of Profitable Local SEO Niches

cleaning services leads
garage door repair service leads
snow removal service leads
plumbing service leads
swimming pool installation & cleaning service leads
wedding planner service leads
tattoo removal service leads
window repair service leads
roof repair service leads
auto repair service leads
search engine optimization service leads
doctor service leads
lawyer service leads
car sales service leads
lawn care service leads
dentist service leads
travel agent service leads
fishing charter service leads
taxi service leads
accounting service leads
web hosting service leads
local gym service leads
piano lesson service leads
home mortgage service leads
singing lesson service leads
karate training service leads
carpet cleaning service leads
locksmith service leads
scuba diving lessons service leads
social media marketing service leads
self help service leads
student loan service leads
landscapers service leads
credit repair service leads
debt consolidation service leads
real estate sales leads
solar energy service leads
life insurance service leads
carpenter service leads
painting service leads
mason service leads
self help service leads
anxiety service leads
back pain service leads
cancer service leads
home security service leads
depression service leads
insomnia service leads
web design service leads
green energy service leads
cell phone service leads
laptop service leads
tablet service leads
sports betting service leads
weight loss service leads
dog training service leads
photography service leads
hotel rental service leads
golf lesson service leads
imported coffee service leads
fishing lesson service leads
survival training service leads
guitar lesson service leads
HVAC service leads
bail bonds service leads
cooking lesson service leads
home improvement service leads
quit smoking service leads
off road vehicle rentals
mentorship service leads
social media marketing training service leads
imported wine service leads
muscle building services leads