How To Build Backlinks – Ultimate Link Building Techniques

If you want to get traffic to your website you will need search engine optimized backlinks.

You might be wondering what are backlinks and why are they important?

Terms like backlink checker, domain authority, do-follow backlinks, social media signals, and no-follow backlinks get thrown around in the digital marketing space daily.

But what are backlinks and how do they work?

In this post, we will be going over exactly what backlinks are, how to create them and some link building techniques you can start using today.

By the end of this post, you will know how to build backlinks and start getting traffic to your website or blog.

Backlinks are an important part of your off-page SEO strategy.

I just created a backlink to Wikipedia above using SEO as the anchor text.

The backlink is the hyperlink that jumps to the webpage using text related to the destination called anchor text which in this case was SEO.

These backlinks are how a search engine knows what page to show in the search engine results page when someone types a keyword.

So if you created backlinks with anchor text how to create backlinks then pointed them to a post on how to create backlinks you would be telling the search engines that page is relevant for that term and it would rank it higher.

In a nutshell that is how search engines figure out which webpage to show in the search results.

They use the number of backlinks pointing to a page and the anchor text used to describe it to figure out the most relevant page to the user’s search query.

The more backlinks a page has, the anchor text used when linking to the page and the quality of those links determines what website ranks high in google search.

Some would argue backlinks are the most important part of getting traffic to your website for organic SEO.

Not all SEO related backlinks are created equal so let’s go over do-follow vs no-follow backlinks quickly.

A do-follow backlink basically tells the search engine spider to follow this link to the website mentioned.

See what I did there?

I created another backlink.

In this case, it is helpful to the reader because if they don’t know what a search engine spider is they can click the hyperlink and find out.

A do-follow backlink sends link equity, link juice or SEO benefits to the website it’s pointing to.

You want as many do-follow backlinks as you can get to achieve high rankings in the search engines.

A no-follow backlink tells the search engines not to follow the link.

It offers no value in terms of rankings but is a natural part of a website’s backlink profile.

If you brought up a website for a negative reason you may want to make sure you add a no-follow tag if you link to it otherwise you are telling the search engine you are “voting” positively for that site.

You can build backlinks on other sites like social media pages that point to your website.

Some websites share no-follow backlinks, some share do-follow and some are no-follow but turn into do-follow after they are trust or aged a bit.

If you own your website you can choose how you want to link to other websites.

To sum it up, you want do-follow backlinks pointing to your webpages from trusted sites if you want high rankings which ultimately leads to search engine traffic to your website.

Now that we have an idea what a backlink is here is the part most people miss.

You can create internal backlinks in your articles which point to other related articles on your same site.

These are called internal links.

So if I did this – what is a private blog network and I pointed it to another article on my website that explains what a PBN is, that would be an internal link.

Internal links are also an important part of your SEO strategy.

This also helps the search engine spiders see that the page is very relevant to that term and it can index it higher in the search results.

Internal website links create a good search engine optimized website structure.

The industry would call this an SEO silo structure.

Basically, an SEO silo is the main page called your pillar content with subpages interlinked together that back up your main pillar content.

Its kinda like how all subheadlines in a newspaper back up the main headline in an article.

The more you expand into related articles from your pillar content, the more relevant your main pillar content becomes.

They are all interlinked together and share the SEO value from the backlinks that point to them as well.

Your main pillar content becomes the authority because you have so many subpages backing it up.

You can read more about SEO silo structure here.

Understand what I did there?

If you’re wondering how to check your backlinks or wondering how to spy on your competitor’s links I’m going to show you right now.

There are many paid backlink checker and analysis tools that are worth the money if you do SEO as a business.

But I’m going to assume most people reading this are just getting started so let’s use a free backlink checking tool on this one.

You can actually head over to the old Ubersuggest tool and we will use the backlinks tab to check a domain’s backlinks.

Just follow the backlink above and it will bring you right to the free tool.

Here you will be able to check your domain or a domain of one of your competitors to see if they have any links that you can build.

If you’re doing SEOs frequently I suggest using a paid professional solution to manage your SEO.

You can learn more about it here.

There is even a free trial to make sure it what you need.

A good off-page SEO strategy always starts with checking the backlinks of the domains that rank high for the keywords you want to see if you can get any of those backlinks for yourself.

Now that we know what a backlink is, some different types of backlinks, how to check them I bet you wondering how to build them.

I going to show you a way to build backlinks and get some high-quality links for free.

If you’re wondering how to actually build the backlink it’s simple.

You just use this code.

<a href=””>your anchor text</a>

Just use that code and replace the values with the domain you want to build the backlink to and the anchor text you want to use.

If you’re using WordPress you can create a backlink by highlighting the text you want to use, then clicking on the link button then adding then URL.

Hit save and viola!

This is how I would build backlinks for a new website.

Start with connecting your site to major social media networks like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr.

Fill out the profiles completely and then link them all together.

Now when you publish a new page or new post share it on these networks with a link back to your website.

This will start sending social signals to your website and tells the search engines your website is popular and relevant.

The next thing I would suggest is to find profiles that let you add your social links and website links to them.

I would suggest Google about me,, Envato, Moz and WordPress to start.

You can add all your social profiles to these sites which links them all together creating a ton of free backlinks.

Then you can add your website URL’s and you get to pick the anchor text.

Use these wisely and use a keyword you want to rank higher for under the description part.

Any time you create links to these properties you are powering up all your social media profiles and website pages from high domain authority and trusted domains.

If you do this properly you can see how this creates a ton of fresh quality links to your website especially since they are all linked together.

The number of backlinks to your website starts to grow exponentially.

If you are following along and you have built backlinks you found from the leading competitors and all your social profiles you are ahead of the game.

The next step would be to build some links from other domains to power up your website and profiles.

If other domains in your niche won’t link to you you can always build them on a dropped domain that still holds some power.

Do not buy links on public blog networks as tempting as it may be!

And this leads us to the next part on private blog networks.

What is a PBN or private blog network and should you use one to get backlinks to your website?

Even though expired domain link or PBN’s are the strongest links you can get if you hear someone advertising to sell links to one, RUN!

The reason is that if the private blog network is being advertised then it’s not really private.

Google doesn’t like this method and all they have to do is buy a link on the network to see all then connecting domains.

If you on the list and they take action, guess what?

Your website is now deindexed.

So don’t buy links on advertised private blog network sites.

But if you happen to find an expired domain that gets traffic and has links in the same niche your in, why not start the domain up again and add some backlinks to your sites?

If you do it a few times and your adding value with the content these links could create huge gains in rankings.

Just don’t overdo it.

A blog network is basically a network of related domains usually owned by one person used to create value for there main domain or money site.

You can read more about private blog networks here on my what is a PBN post.

Why would someone want to create these kinds of links?

Well, that’s easy, it’s not always easy to get backlinks since your competition owns the domains you might want links from.

Building up an expired domain or what’s called a PBN is a way for a site to gain quality backlinks that already have a ton of domain authority.

The other option would be to start on a fresh domain and build it up over time.

As you may have already noticed this would take a very long time.

Sometimes using a project someone else had started in the same niche is an easy way to get ahead of the work.

But just know that if you’re going to try building these types of links it comes with some risk.

There is also an option to use backlink building software to build links to your websites.

When most people hear the word backlink software they automatically think its some type of spammy way to get backlinks.

This is simply not the case.

They are just tools.

If you give a random guy a hammer it doesn’t make him a builder, right?

Well, just like these backlink submission tools if you don’t know what you’re doing you will just create a ton of useless links.

Especially if your scraping and spinning content.

But you can use these backlink tools to manage social bookmarks, networks and content on web 2.0 blogging sites.

And done correctly with a little bit of planning you can actually build quality links to your website.

If you have quality content, and you’re using a tool to help automate the posting process does that make it garbage?

Isn’t that what tools like Buffer and social posters in Worpress do which is considered whitehat SEO?

Same exact thing as long as your posting quality content I’d say.

I wouldn’t suggest using backlink tools unless you know what you’re doing though.

And I especially wouldn’t think of paying someone else because they will just spam your site with automated comments and forum profiles.

If you’re looking for the best backlink tool out right now that has high-quality scripts to automate posting content on high-quality sites have a look this backlink tool.

I currently used it and the success rates were unbelievable.

I have tested almost every backlink tool since 2014 so I have a little bit of knowledge when it comes to these tools.

It can create accounts and post to high-quality social bookmarking sites like these.

It can also automate the process of creating blogs on high authority blogging sites for high-quality do-follow backlinks.

Look at the domain authority on just the first few domains you can post your content to on autopilot.

It can also post to and get your authority links on these sites automatically.

It’s hard to find high-quality sites like this is in backlink submission tools.

It can create backlinks from many more sites too but I would stick with these 3 modules to start.

If you know what your doing with tiered backlink building just looking at some of these professional diagrams

This backlink submission tool is about as good as they come.

If your interested in these types of link building tools, you can try it out here with a free trial.

That is the only backlink tool I would recommend especially for beginners.

The other backlink submission tools you need a server, added services and a ton of time to learn them correctly.

Well, now you should have a pretty good idea of how to build backlinks and some quality link building techniques to get you started.

If you follow the link building techniques I went over earlier in the post you should be well on your way to getting some targetted traffic to your website.

I hope this short link building tutorial was helpful.

What are you still doing here?

Go out there and start building some links already!

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