What Is A Private Blog Network – Best Back Links Available Or Penalties Waiting To Happen

What is a PBN or private blog network exactly?

A PBN or a private blog network is a network of sites built and maintained with the intention of linking out to your money site to increase it’s rankings in the search engine results page.

PBN builders will find dropped domains that have good domain authority with a good anchor text profile and rebuild the domain.

In this link building strategy you would re register the domains on different web hosts and then post quality content linking to your main website.

This method takes advantage of the link, social shares and traffic these authority websites previously had.

These PBN links mimic white hat seo strategies like guest posting from authority websites.

But in this case, you are building these links on your own trying to make it look like they are naturally being built.

Private blog network builders will go as far as re registering these domains on completely different ip addresses, with different hosting companies, different who is information, different themes and plugins.

A private blog network builders goal is to build these domains privately and minimize the footprint so these domains have less of a chance being connected together.

Search engines can decrease a sites rankings or deindex it completely if it finds out that links were manually being built with the intention of gaming the search engines.

There have been cases were Google web spam team has taking down a private blog network being promoted on black hat world.

But you have to ask yourself if it was being promoted on an open online forum then was it really private?

There are 3 major types of private blog networks.

  1. Private blog networks from sites on free sub domains of authority sites like wordpress.com that you register and post content on.
  2. Private blog networks promoted openly you can pay for a link from. Not so private.
  3. Private blog networks build on expired domains maintained usually by one person.

Building a PBN the third way is usually considered a real private blog network.

Built this way the network is actually private and has less of a chance being exposed.

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