What Is A PBN – Are PBN’s Really The Best Backlinks

What is a PBN. A diagram of a private blog network

A PBN or private blog network is a collection of websites usually owned and maintained by one person with the goal of linking out to their main websites to increase the search engine rankings.

These private blog networks are usually built on expired or dropped domains.

Private blog network builders find old domains with high domain authority and good backlinks so they can send the old SEO value to the main site they are promoting in the search engines.

These private blog networks are usually built to look like they are natural and not owned by the person who is actually building them.

Basically, a private blog network is a way to build backlinks.

The search term what is a pbn gets over 880 monthly searches so I figured I would expand on the topic just a bit in this post.

If you buy PBN links there are certain risks involved.

If you do a Google search for buy PBN links there will be a whole bunch of services selling links from private blog networks.

If you think about it, openly selling links from these private blog networks completely defeats the purpose.

If the network is openly shared then you have to ask yourself, how private is this network?

Building private blog networks is against Google’s terms of service and they can remove or de-index your website from search.

The Google webspam team has actually taken action on these private blog networks before.

All they have to do is buy a link from the network to see every site it is that it is linking to.

It is very easy to figure out who is buying backlinks from these “private” networks.

If you want to use this method do not buy PBN links from other people’s openly advertised networks.

You should buy a few expired domains for yourself and use them only for your domains.

Types Of Private Blog Networks

There are a few main types of private blog networks.

  • PBN’s you own and control
  • PBN’s you don’t own or control

The main way to build a private blog network is to buy and register expired domains.

Once bought, registered and hosted you can build the aged domain back up and use it to promote your main website.

Since these domains usually have a good amount of backlinks and authority it is very easy to use them to increase your website rankings.

You own and control these domains.

The other popular method for building these networks is to use domains you don’t own and control.

You can find aged web 2.0 blogs people stopped using on sites like wordpress.com or Tumblr, register them again and use them in your network.

These sites are free to use but you don’t own them and they can be erased at any time.

You can also start fresh on these web 2.0 blogging sites but you will have to build the backlinks up yourself over time.

You do not own these networks but you do control the posting on them.

This is almost a free method for creating PBN’s

You don’t need hosting, domain registration, upgraded themes and plugins with this method.

Expired Domains – Where To Find Them

There is a ton of ways to find expired domains for private blog networks.

You can use software like Scrapebox and hunt them down yourself or pay a service that does the scraping for you.

A service like registercompass.com you can pay for a membership and they find the domains for you.

You can also use free sites like expireddomains.net

It will be harder to find domains on these open markets since there are a lot of people looking at the same domains.

When you scrape them yourself you can find some gems other people haven’t since you started with your own seed list.

How To Build A PBN – PBN Building Examples

If you want to learn how to build a private blog network there is actually a lot to be aware off.

I’m going to give you the most popular

PBN Hosting – Where To Host Your PBN’s

It’s probably not a great idea to host you expired domain sites on publicly advertised private blog network hosting services.

Sounds great until it doesn’t.

These services are full of people hosting sites used to increases their search engine rankings.

Most people doing this have no idea what they are doing and a lot of them are creating spammy sites.

Do you want all your hard work to be hosted in the same useless neighborhood?

You will want to host these domains on separate accounts on different IP addresses.

You can get a hosting account for a few bucks a month at sites like Namecheap, Godaddy, and A Small Orange.

After a few backlinks from domains hosted on the same IP, there will be no SEO value at all.

And you don’t want them linked together from the same account in the first place.

You want to keep your referring domain number up because links that keep coming from the same places have decreasing SEO value.

Buying one hosting account with unlimited domains and building them all in the same account will make all your hard work useless.

This wouldn’t’ make any sense unless you’re hosting hundreds of accounts and at that point, you would be using a private blog network service to manage all your accounts

Easy Blog Networks – A Private Blog Network Service

If you’re doing this for multiple sites and or for clients you are probably going to be using a private blog network service.

This is just like the managed WordPress option.

You can keep all the domains you own and control in one dashboard.

This makes it super easy to log in, download themes and plugins and post content too.

Some even have easy ways to set up hosting differently across many different domains.

A service such as Easy Blog Networks is a huge time saver when you have a lot of these domains to work with.

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